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Dumpster Pad Cleaning For Rock Hill Businesses & Commercial Properties

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Say no to nasty dumpster areas- when your Rock Hill business starts getting stinky, it's time to book a dumpster pad cleaning! Just because dumpsters hold trash doesn't mean they shouldn't get cleaned! Maintaining a frequent dumpster pad cleaning regimen can ward off a whole host of problems for your business, from pests to bad smells and more.

Dumpster pad cleaning is a very popular commercial pressure washing service, as it allows local businesses to easily maintain healthier and more attractive business properties. As a local company that's invested in our community, Stinson’s Power Washing strives to ensure that the businesses our friends and neighbors visit are safe and sanitary. With our dumpster pad cleaning, we can help your business be its best.

So if you're interested in our dumpster pad cleaning service, call us at 864-804-2585 today. We'd be glad to offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

Dumpster Area Washing Avoids Unwanted Pests & Foul Smells

Dumpsters hold a lot more than just trash bags. Even after the garbage truck hauls the bags away, there's still tons of nasty stuff left over: grease, garbage juice, mold, bacteria, and even little pieces of leftover trash! Yuck! All that stuff continues to rot and fester, where it starts to stink- really bad. And as much as that stuff may stink to us, a lot of pests unfortunately love it.

Rotting garbage smells and pests are bad news for businesses of all kinds. That's why you want to keep your dumpsters from getting to that state. Cleaning the dumpster every few months with a sanitizing power washing will get rid of all those nasty smells and bacteria-ridden substances!

Dumpster Pad Washing: Expertly Cared For Business Properties

Pressure washing is excellent for keeping exterior surfaces of all kinds clean. With their constant exposure to trash, dumpster pads need that pressure washing to keep from getting seriously unhygienic.

Stinson’s Power Washing is committed to caring for our local businesses' properties. We want to help you keep your commercial property safe, inviting, and sanitary. If our commercial cleaning services can be of use to you, we'd love to help!

Frequently Asked Dumpster Pad Cleaning Questions

  • Removal of bad smells
  • Protection of concrete/dumpster structural integrity
  • Helps deter pests
  • Reduces the presence of dangerous molds and bacteria
  • Improves your curb appeal

We get that all the time- "Why would I clean something that's just going to get dirty again?" However, that's exactly why they should be cleaned regularly.

With all of the rotting refuse, fluids, bacteria, and mold that are left behind every time trash is taken out of the dumpster, those substances build up over time. This can lead to pest problems, sanitation issues, foul smells, and can even contribute to rust and concrete deterioration. By washing your dumpster pads every few months, you can keep the mess from building up to this extent!

As with any pressure washing job, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. If you're not a trained pressure washer, you can easily make mistakes that can damage property or hurt yourself or others.

As professional pressure washers, we know the ways to thoroughly and safely get the mess out of your dumpsters so you can get your money's worth! We promise to deliver outstanding service and get the results you want to see for your business.

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