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Deck & Fence Cleaning Rock Hill To Keep Your Fence Looking Fresh

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There's no reason why your Rock Hill outdoor living spaces shouldn't be relaxing- with proper deck & fence cleaning, keeping your yard's hardscaping is a breeze! Stinson’s Power Washing's expert deck & fence cleaning services are ideal for keeping your property beautiful at any time of year.

With their constant exposure to the great outdoors, decks and fences tend to get pretty dirty over time, and if they aren't washed from time to time, can fall prey to decay. Deck & fence cleaning are good practical cleaning services to add to your home's care- they keep these surfaces beautiful and help prevent damage, so you can enjoy your yard with peace of mind.

Interested in getting a free, no-obligation quote for a deck or fence cleaning? If so, give Stinson’s Power Washing a call today at 864-804-2585.

Fence Pressure Washing For Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces

An attractive property line can do wonders for a yard. But with grass clippings, bird droppings, algae, mildew, dirt, and all sorts of other nasty stuff around, keeping your fence clean is easier said than done.

That's where our fence cleaning comes in! It's a gentle, soft washing process that gently works out grime and stains without warping or causing pressure stains on your fence so that the finished product looks as good as new!

Outdoor Living Surface Washing Professionals - Here To Help

When your deck is in good shape, it's a great place for both private at-home relaxation and welcoming guests. However, many homeowners struggle to keep their decks in good shape year after year. Many people struggle with slimy algae and mildew growth that make their decks slippery and gross (as well as leading to decay). Without regular deck cleaning, your deck can rot well before its time!

Deck cleaning does wonders for deck maintenance, saving you tons of time, money, and stress. Let us soft-wash away what ails your deck so you, your family, and your guests can get back to enjoying it!

Frequently Asked Deck & Fence Cleaning Questions

Have questions about our deck & fence cleaning services? We have answers!

Always! If you trying to paint or stain your fence without washing it first, your paint is going over a layer of grit and grime, not directly on the wood. This can cause issues with peeling, cracking, or not curing correctly. Additionally, substances like mold can continue to rot the wood underneath. Overall, you should always thoroughly clean your deck before coating it with anything.

Yes. Wooden and composite boards can be more easily warped or damaged by high pressure washing than vinyl and other harder materials. For safety's sake, we typically use a low-PSI soft washing technique that avoids the risk of pressure damage on most types of decking. Similar to our approach with house washing and window cleaning, soft washing your deck is just as effective at getting out messes but without any risk!

If your deck is slippery, you likely have a lot of algae and/or mildew growing on it. Not only do these organisms make your deck slippery, but they also cause ugly stains, can trigger allergies, and speed up decay in your deck. So if you want your deck to stay in great shape, don't let it stay slippery- wash the slime away with us!

Pressure Washing

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