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Paver Cleaning: Rock Hills Hardscape Washing Specialists

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While brick and stone surfaces may be pretty durable, they can still be stained or even damaged by the same natural pollutants that invade your property's other exterior surfaces. Don't stand for it- when you want to protect and enhance your Rock Hill hardscaping, our paver cleaning is just what you need! We offer a custom cleaning approach formulated specifically for treating brick, stone, and paver hardscaping with a gentle but thorough technique.

Since 2017, Stinson’s Power Washing has handled pressure washing for Rock Hill properties of all kinds, and that work takes a lot more nuance than many expect. Sometimes paver surfaces can be more delicate than many concrete surfaces, and cleaning paved hardscaping with the same approach we would use with concrete driveway washing isn't necessarily the right approach. We formulate our paver cleaning methods for your particular hardscaping, modifying our pressure levels, products, and techniques to give your surfaces a gentle custom clean!

Brick & Stone Paver Washing

Paver cleaning is important for paved hardscaping, as brick and stone are more susceptible to damage than many think. As with so many other outdoor surfaces, algae and mold growth is a serious problem. These organisms can make hardscaping ugly, slimy, and slippery. Once more, brick can actually be eaten away by mold and moisture over time, making tackling fungal growth a necessity for maintaining healthy hardscaping.

Our paver cleaning helps by sanitizing your surfaces and killing off these nasty, harmful organisms while removing their stains. We often prefer a scrubbing and soft washing approach over standard pressure washing when it comes to paver cleaning, as some softer paver materials like old brick are more susceptible than pressure damage (though we take every property's unique traits into account when assessing them). Our paver cleaning will help preserve your brick and stone hardscaping and keep it beautiful for years to come!

Concrete Cleaning For Washing Tough Hardscapes

Driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete hardscapes are tough and durable, but mess and stains can slowly damage them over time. Regular cleaning and occasional sealcoating can protect your concrete for a long time, but neglecting this maintenance can allow your concrete surfaces to fall into disrepair. However, we acknowledge that concrete cleaning is tricky and hard work- especially if you don't own or don't know how to use a pressure washer!

If your concrete hardscapes need our help, give us a call. With driveway washing, sidewalk cleaning, and more, we will help you save your concrete surfaces and make them look amazing once more!

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Pressure Washing

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