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Why Choose Pro House Washing?

Why choose pro house washing

You do chores around the house to keep the interior of your house looking good- why not show the outside of your home the same love? House washing is a great way to keep your house's exterior attractive and healthy. However, many people's DIY house washing attempts often fall short or even lead to property damage. At the same time, though, a lot of people don't like the idea of spending money to entrust their properties to strangers. What a dilemma!

So what should you do when it comes time to clean your home? While it's your job to research your options and make the best choice for your property, we'd like to offer a few reasons why professional house washing is a great choice.

1. Professional Cleaning Is Safer

In this day and age, it's easy to find how-to guides, tutorials, and instructional videos all over the web, and this has inspired many people to pick up a pressure washer and try DIY pressure washing for themselves. However, there's really no substitute for professional training and on-the-job experience. You can be well-read on pressure washing, but actually handling a pressure washer is a challenge of its own.

Pressure washers condense thousands of pounds of force into the space of a few square inches. The sprays they produce are powerful, and it can be easy to underestimate their power or even lose control of the pressure washer. This can result in serious property damage ranging from pressure stains to broken materials and water injection. And you best believe that any person who gets in the path of that spray can be seriously injured as well! For both you and your property's safety, pressure washing is best left to the pros.

2. Professional Cleaning Gets Better Results

Pressure washing jobs, even ones as common and routine as house washing, are more involved than just "point and spray." The best approach for each cleaning job is determined by considering a number of factors including age, location, materials, condition of the materials, types of stains, and more.

In the case of house washing, we prefer to use soft washing as low pressures are less potentially damaging to most siding materials. A DIY pressure might not know and spray their house at full blast, warping or pressure staining their sidings. Additionally, a professional will better know the best types of products to use to handle specific stains such as rust or algae/mold stains. They also just know the best techniques for ensuring thorough, even work without missing a spot! When you pay for a professional cleaner, you pay for higher-quality results.

3. Professional May Be Able To Catch Problems Early

Because professionals have to wash a variety of properties in different levels of condition, they know what many common hazards look like and can often diagnose them better than DIY cleaners. For instance, a lot of homeowners confuse algae with mold and vice versa. Both substances are problems, but one of them is slippery, staining, and damaging to the surface- the other can trigger acute life-threatening health conditions by its presence alone. As they clean, a trained cleaner can look out for potential hazards that a homeowner might not spot themselves, and inform them right away if they see troubling signs!

As a cleaning company committed to helping our local community, Stinson’s Power Washing wants to help ensure your house looks great all the time without you having to stress out over it. When you invest in our services, you can be assured of safe, efficient, and careful cleaning with outstanding results. If you'd like a quote for our house washing services, call us today at 864-804-2585.

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