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Brick Cleaning/ Concrete Cleaning In Charlotte, NC

I received a call from a homeowner in Charlotte. They were in need of pressure washing and soft washing around their house, driveway walkways, and he mentioned second-story balcony. I told him that would not be a problem, we do jobs like this all the time. he also stated that he had hardy plank siding, I told him we use soft washing technology on hardy plank and vinyl houses so no damage willoccur doing the house washing process because we will be using low pressure. We agreed upon a price and I arrive to do the job.

I quickly retrieved my professional grade equipment and got to work applying my algicide to the house, the driveway and the walkways, so that he can start working and breaking down the organics. I began cleaning all of the concrete surfaces. I started on the house using low pressure, applying my algicide to the surface of the house so that he could start breaking down the organics(mold, mildew, algae). I let that dwell for 5 to 10 minutes. Then came back and rinse the house down with low pressure. Our client was very pleased with our brick cleaning and concrete cleaning service!

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Client Review

Great job all around. Would definitely recommend Stinson’s Power Washing to others.

- Ed S

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