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Patio Cleaning in Rock Hill ,SC

Patio Cleaning in Rock Hill ,SC

We got a call from this residential customer in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Stating that she had my business card from three years ago and was ready to get some work done. I explain to her our processes and procedures on cleaning the concrete and what to expect as far as the results. Once that was done, we got her on the schedule to get the patio clean. This patio has not been cleaned in over 10 years. You can see all of the black, mold and mildew sitting on the concrete. We started out with cleaning it with our surface cleaner, which removed 90% of the mold and mildew. Then we rinse all of the dirt away and applied a post treatment to the surface. This treatment goes into the pores of the concrete, since concrete is porous, it would remove any embedded organic stains.

Location: Rock Hill, SC

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